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A Yummy Story

My love affair with pastry began at a young age. Growing up poor, sweets and desserts were rare, creative, and made from scratch. By the time I was old enough to stay home alone, I was ready to continue my culinary explorations. Instead of throwing parties when my parents were out, I was trying new recipes for cakes, cookies and pies. I considered culinary school, but settled on an English degree, the path I was expected to take.


After college I worked in sports publishing, before starting a family and a freelance editorial business. However, the siren’s song of sugar continued to call. I would bake and event plan for friends and family and finally decided to follow my bliss.


I completed the pastry program at JCCC at the top of my class. I continued baking for private clients until 2013 when I opened a small treatery in one of the warehouse shops located in Kansas City’s historic West Bottoms. In February 2015, I opened the bakery on West 39th Street. After 3 eventful years on W. 39th, we moved and expanded. We opened on East 43rd in July 2018, with twice as much space, seating and lots of fun plans for classes, events, etc. 


I like to think of what I do as "vintage" baking, it's how our mothers and grandmothers baked, or how we wished they would have. Because when fresh, quality ingredients are mixed together with love, the result is a treat that is worth savoring.


That is why I use only the best ingredients that I can get my hands on.


*100% cane sugar - no beet sugar or artificial sweeteners


*sweet cream butter - no margarine or hydrogenated fats


*freshly harvested herbs from my own garden (pesticide free)


*fresh, local fruit whenever possible


*natural flavorings - no artificial flavors


*always freshly baked in-house, never frozen


My way is not always the easiest or most economical approach, but the result is a product that I am proud to share with you and one that is worth every last calorie.



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